Nic Perry

Consultant and Director of Operations

I created LettersAcrossTime.com - I am the Director of Operations at a law firm - I do consulting work with startups

Lunch Meetings

I've realized my favorite thing to do in the business world is to help solve problems/pain points and brainstorm solutions. Unfortunately, in my current role, while I get to do that, I spend most of my time implementing the solutions. To help feed my desire to solve problems, and help other people with theirs, I've decided to offer up my lunch hour to help companies solve their problems.

How does that work? Schedule a time, buy me lunch somewhere, and come ready to talk about your problems/pain points. At best, I'll see something you haven't been able to, and you'll walk out with the answers you needed. At worst, you bought someone lunch and got to talk through your difficulties, which will help you better understand your own problems and work towards a solution. Most lunches will be somewhere in-between, where we haven't solved it, but you have a little more clarity, a little more direction, and a few new ideas.

Let's grab lunch!

More about Nic

Nic Perry is Director of Operations at one of the fastest growing law firms in the country. He has an MBA, and his undergrad was in Finance, along with a Psychology minor that helps make management feel like common sense. Nic has experience in IT, HR, Contracts, Finance, and Operations; He has spent a lot of time improving processes and making employees happier. In fact, a previous company sent him to the UK for 8 months to improve global sales and contracting processes around the world for a twenty billion dollar company.

Outside of work, Nic enjoys tackling other projects, like renovating his house, working on a car, or making something new. He and his wife enjoy being outdoors and can be found on on the slopes of Mt Hood most of the winter.